Cloud Architect/CASB/DLP SME - Part-Time

This position is a remote, Extra Bandwidth/Part-Time position. This person will be responsible for the Architecture, Delivery, and Contributions of Cloud Architecture DLP and CASB to the client.

Required Experience:


+ Years
Job Locations:

Remote/Light Travel

Location Restrictions:


Basic Qualifications and

This person responsible for the research, design, and standardization of our clients integrated global protection and security infrastructure. They must have strong skills in conducting technical analysis of security and business problems, as well as threats, incidents, investigational, and other general security related issues. The SME must also have the ability to communicate well, motivate and lead cross functional teams

  • Motivate and lead cross functional teams through effective communication, mentoring, delegation and prioritization
  • Coordinate response and defensive actions over a variety of security incidents, and disseminate technical information as appropriate.
  • Create and modify security standards and policies
  • Provide internal consulting
  • Design secure solutions

Required Skills and Experience
  • The successful applicant will be a DLP Architect, who has designed numerous large scale and complex, end to end DLP solutions, with strong strategy experience
  • Must have as many of the following as possible: CASB Audit, Proxies (SG & Zscaler), Zscaler NSS, Symantec WSS, Symantec CASB Gatelet, Symantec CASB Securlet, etc.
  • Strong documentation experience
  • Experience of leading design workshops, delivering handover and knowledge transfer, including post solution support
  • The successful applicant will be a DLP expert, with in-depth experience and knowledge around Data Loss Prevention.
  • Extensive solution design (HLD/LLD), as well as testing and implementation (full lifecycle experience)

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