Cloud IAM - Sr Full Stack Developer

As a member of this innovative agile team, you will collaborate with others to develop and maintain capabilities required to secure data and applications operating in dynamic cloud computing environments. In this CI/CD workspace you will construct and integrate security solutions with many popular vendor and open source technologies, internally developed applications and cloud native services.

Required Experience:


+ Years
Job Locations:


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Basic Qualifications and
  • Develop and maintain a custom AWS IAM as-a-service offering     that provides the enterprise with the ability to create, modify and govern     IAM resources, identities and entities in AWS
  • Contribute to the technical direction of cloud security     in the areas of strategy, architecture, solutions and governance
  • Provide cloud IAM consulting and collaborate with other     cross-functional teams to ensure cloud migration and adoption efforts are     successful
  • Continuously innovate to simplify and optimize cloud     security services for enterprise

Required Skills and Experience
  • 1+ year of software development and/or full-stack     engineering experience
  • Experience operating with cloud platforms, APIs and     event-driven automation
  • Hands-on experience deploying and managing security     products/services in AWS
  • Comfortable using python for scripting and product     development
  • Understands CI/CD workflows and is comfortable working     with technologies such as git, jenkins, terraform, and ansible
  • Understands immutable architecture and practices
  • Understands the basics of AWS IAM
  • Understands how to interpret/write AWS IAM policies
  • Understands AWS Resource-Based policies and their usage
  • Passionate about innovation and enjoys the challenges     of creating something new
  • Continuous learner type who seeks out knowledge via     formal training and/or self-directed education platforms
  • Self-starter who enjoys working in a collaborative     environment
  • Good verbal and written communication skills

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