Compliance Security Analyst

This position is a 3-6 Month Contract looking for a candidate that understands HIPAA/GLBA Assessments and can provide as such.

Required Experience:


+ Years
Job Locations:


Location Restrictions:


Basic Qualifications and

Our client currently has a need for a resource that can help provide and create assessments and implements policies for various cybersecurity risks. Specifically someone with HIPAA and GLBA experience.

  • Conduct ongoing oversight activities which will include, but not limited to performing thorough risk assessment to ensure 3rdparties
  • Collaborate with cross-functional business units, IT, Security, Legal, Procurement, and Vendor Management to assess 3rdparty risks
  • Enhance standard work process to intake, assess and communicate 3rd party risks
  • Develop and update risk assessment processes and procedure documentation

Required Skills and Experience
  • CISSP, CISA or related certification preferred
  • 3 - ­5 years’ experience operating global governance/compliance programs
  • Excellent communication skills (oral and written)
  • Excellent project management, problem-solving, and conflict resolution skills
  • Deadline driven, detail oriented, focus on efficiencies and process improvement
  • High integrity and business ethics
  • Ability to participate in and facilitate group meetings, including with remote staff
  • Ability to interpret regulations and laws, and communicate effectively to all levels of the organization

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