Director of Security Engineering

This position is a remote FTE Director level position in Healthcare Technology. Please Apply if interested.

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+ Years
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Basic Qualifications and

As a Director of Security Engineering, you will oversee critical security programs which directly support building our secure healthcare platform. These programs include Application Security, Cloud Security, Identity & Access Management and Corporate Security. You will be responsible for coaching engineers in these functions and managing our strategic relationships across the technical and operation teams they work with.

  • You prioritize building and supporting a diverse and inclusive team of engineers.
  • You are a leader who is able to elicit support without direct authority across the company. You maintain relationships with key stakeholders and allies.
  • You are an exceptional coach, supporting your direct reports in achieving their goals and progressing their careers.
  • You hold yourself and your team accountable to goals and deliverables.
  • You maintain strong technical capabilities and use these to influence your overall security engineering strategy.
  • Rather than find solutions you help your teams find themselves.
  • Be a sponsor and vigorous champion for your teams' initiatives, including removing roadblocks for them when needed.
  • You draw from your experience to anticipate risks, and solve for future problems before they jeopardize your team.
  • Coordinate roadmaps across security, engineering and operation functions to ensure our plans are in sync, we have dependencies identified and are working towards common goals.
  • You have strongly honed communication and organizational skills.

Required Skills and Experience
  • Experience leading technical engineering teams.
  • Knowledge of cloud native and modern technologies (AWS, NodeJS, *nix, OSX etc)
  • Familiarity of security practices, processes and systems.
  • Affinity for an engineering culture that emphasizes Agile, DevOps, and continuous delivery.
  • Deep understanding of threat models for large, high-scale production platforms.
  • Strong communication and organizational skills.
  • Technical Security certification nice to have.

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