Identity Engineer - PING

This position is a FULLY REMOTE, 6-Month Contract position, focusing around the Engineering, Automation, and Governance of our clients Identity Management program.

Required Experience:


+ Years
Job Locations:


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Basic Qualifications and

Our client currently has a need for an experienced resource who can help implementing new integrations and supporting a Ping (Federate, Access, directory, data synch, ID) environments.

  • Understands industry best practices for access administration activities (i.e. provisioning, de-provisioning, access reviews, automation, etc.), authorization and authentication protocols and access governance
  • Writes and reviews scripts, templates, interfaces and utility applications to continuously improve functionality
  • Recommend and drive the enhancement process for the Identity Access Management (IAM) program to meet business needs
  • Drive program design review working directly with customers and business owners on the integration requirements including provisioning, de-provisioning and user lifecycle into the IAM platform

Required Skills and Experience
  • 5+ years of IT / Cybersecurity / Information Security experience
  • 2+ years of experience supporting Ping products and services.
  • Significant engineering/technical/administration experience with the integration, administration, support, and architecture of IAM/IDM systems and capabilities, including:
  • Experience in access role development and maintenance and defining application level roles/groups and permissions to ensure secure authentication and authorization mechanisms are aligned with policies, standards and as appropriate, best practices

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