Information Security Cloud Engineer

The Information Security Cloud Engineer is responsible for the installation, configuration, and support of information security technologies and solutions in cloud environments.

Required Experience:


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Basic Qualifications and

This individual will have extensive knowledge of cloud environments including Azure, AWS, and Google.  The cloud engineer’s role lies within the Chief Information Security Officer's organizational structure, reporting to the Manager of Information Security Operations.

  • Responsible for evaluating and configuring public  cloud security solutions and the potential impact on the organization’s  security posture.
  • Plan,  coordinate, and implement security measures to protect data, software, and  hardware.
  • Maintain and  administer all cloud security components including environment security configurations,  security hardware, systems security software, and application security  components.
  • Provide end  to end support for all IT Security service line products and operate as part  of an on-call rotation
  • Recommend  changes to improve security system configurations and determine hardware or  software requirements related to such changes.
  • Design,  configure, and test security solutions for Cloud environment including  on-premise infrastructure hardware and operating system software.
  • Develop  standards and guidelines for the support, maintenance, and use of new systems
  • Provide  technical guidance and serve as an escalation point for IT Operations  personnel.
  • Assess infrastructure  and web environments to help identify and prioritize risks and  vulnerabilities.
  • Function as  part of the Information Security incident response team and perform  investigations related to security incidents.
  • Harden  network infrastructure including VPN, wireless, and endpoint security  solutions

Required Skills and Experience
  • Network  technologies including protocols, design concepts, and access control
  • Security technologies  including encryption, data protection, access privileges
  • Knowledge of  Microsoft Windows and Linux systems
  • Broad  understanding of various IT risk and threat assessment methodologies
  • Solid coding  and scripting skills (Python, PowerShell, Java)

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