Information Security Solutions Architect, SDLC

Our client is currently looking for an Information Security Solutions Architect, SDLC. This position is an FTE role with the possibility of full remote. Please apply if interested.

Required Experience:


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Basic Qualifications and

We are a team of collaborative InfoSec professionals who are always pushing ourselves and each other to grow. Most of our time is spent doing the research, digging into the problem-statements, collaborating with other Architects to create actionable guidance our standards for teams, and collaborating with delivery, implementation, and business teams to build secure solutions. We do not configure SIEMs, Firewalls, IDP, etc., but instead help project teams determine the secure path forward and help get them there. The broader InfoSec team is a diverse group of individuals with varying backgrounds and perspectives, unified by a love for technology and security.

  • Collaborate with Project Management, IT, Architecture and Information Security teams to help teams interpret and build a secured software development lifecycle
  • Refine the standard set of security gates and non-functional requirements to be used across the organization.
  • Interact with software engineering teams to ensure that deployment methodologies are built out of the gate with security in mind
  • Act as a development security consultant to the business, translating business requirements into security solutions
  • Work with InfoSec Analysts to ensure visibility and security controls are implemented and maintained.
  • Collaborate with Architecture and other InfoSec teams when identifying emerging new trends in the business that need updated standards to protect our team members and clients.
  • Review changes to technical controls to jump into action when it looks like a business process needs help.
  • Review project and process plans to ensure security is baked in.
  • Consult with teams to ensure data is properly handled throughout our environment.
  • Foster secure cross-platform development, collaboration, and solutions
  • Mentor other architects to expand their knowledge of secure software development and standards
  • Other duties as required.

Required Skills and Experience
  • Five (5) years of combined experience in a direct/indirect IT Security or Technical IT role.
  • Familiarity with secure software development lifecycle maturity models such as BSIMM, Microsoft SDL, others
  • Understanding and practical experience in at least 4 of the following:
  • Network infrastructure and architecture(traditional, SDN)
  • Cloud service/service delivery(PaaS, IaaS, SaaS)
  • Infrastructure as Code
  • OS configuration management & hardening (Windows, Linux, Mac)•Encryption / PKI
  • SOA / Microservices
  • Application / API security
  • Identity Management (IDM)
  • Application Vulnerability Management (SAST/DAST/Package Scanning/other)
  • DevSecOps/ Scaled Agile Framework
  • Development in a major language, such as PHP, .NET, etc.
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