Manager, Endpoint Protection

This Manager for Endpoint Security will oversee and manage a team of visionary engineers responsible for defining strategy, developing enterprise architecture, and leading design and implementation of endpoint security solutions and methodologies across the organization.

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Basic Qualifications and

Key responsibilities include managing the end-to-end portfolio delivery in terms of schedule, cost, scope, and quality; anticipate risks and issues that may arise during the delivery of the portfolio process and ensure that appropriate mitigation actions are in place. The Manager will also socialize the value and importance of cybersecurity across IT areas, operating as an extended arm of the Enterprise Information Security Office.

  • Translates product and project goals into infrastructure strategy and clearly communicates direction and priorities to teams and business partners
  • Determines value to the business of anticipated Systems Engineering efforts
  • Identifies goals, metrics, and appropriate analytics to measure the performance of Systems Engineering teams; continually makes recommendations and refinements on approaches based on learnings
  • Reviews recommended solutions and work of Systems Engineers to ensure alignment with company, stakeholder, and end user priorities.
  • Leads configuration, debugging, and support for infrastructure
  • Documents, reviews and ensures that all quality and change control standards are met
  • Leads field and corporate roll-outs of technology
  • Leads the stand up of necessary system software, hardware, and equipment(physical or virtual) to meet changing infrastructure needs
  • Creates and optimizes specifications for complex technology solutions
  • Provides regular status to leadership regarding progress of Systems Engineering efforts
  • Manages vendor relationships
  • Manages, reviews, and approves purchase requests for hardware and software
  • Provides leadership, mentoring, and coaching to Systems Engineering professionals
  • Attracts, retains, and develops top talent
  • Conducts annual and mid-year reviews, reviewing individual development plans and providing performance feedback
  • Fosters collaboration with team members to drive value, and identify and resolve impediments
  • Advocates for the end user and stakeholder by becoming associated with the product, empathizing with and understanding user needs
  • Guides more junior team members in strategy, alignment, analysis, and execution tasks

Required Skills and Experience
  • Ability to investigate, prioritize, and measure impact of security architecture issues.
  • Ability to lead and conduct technical assessments of risk, threats, and vulnerabilities.
  • Knowledge of network-based and system-level attacks and mitigation methods.
  • Strong foundation in and in-depth technical knowledge of security engineering, computer and network security, authentication and security protocols and applied cryptography.
  • Strong familiarity with virtualized environments whether hypervisor based or container based and in particular knowledge of the security issues that are specific to them.
  • Strong familiarity with implementation of security hardening configurations, procedures and standards as well as associated next generation endpoint protection and detection and response.

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