Principal Full Stack Developer - Cryptography (Secrets)

This is an individual contributor role, focusing on technical leadership and mentoring within the team, driving strategic initiatives, and leading highly impactful development efforts.

Required Experience:


+ Years
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Basic Qualifications and

Crypto Engineering focuses on building first-of-its-kind security products and services for enterprise and cloud environments. We build, integrate, and support vendor products, open-source technologies, and our own custom applications to drive cloud-native solutions and services.

  • Construct a global secrets management service that securely and dynamically manages credentials, applies access controls and provides visibility to all actions and events
  • Contribute to the technical direction of modernized PKI and encryption key management services in the form of strategy, architecture, development and governance
  • Improve critical security capabilities to simplify compliance and provide value-added security enhancements for enterprise IaaS, PaaS and SaaS

Required Skills and Experience
  • 5+ years of software development and/or full-stack engineering experience
  • Proficient with popular scripting and programming language frameworks such as python, golang, java
  • Ample experience with CI/CD best practices and technologies such as git, jenkins, terraform
  • Robust knowledge and application of secrets management, data encryption, key management, PKI and tokenization
  • Ample experience with architecting, deploying, maintaining and integrating HashiCorp Vault infrastructure and services
  • Hands-on expertise with deploying and operating resources in AWS
  • Advanced understanding of micro-service principles and immutable architecture
  • Demonstrated ability to develop strategies and lead large and complex endeavors

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