Security Analyst

We're seeking a full-time Qualys consultant based in Washington D.C. to work 100% on client site and support a dynamic, fast-paced and energetic project.

Required Experience:


+ Years
Job Locations:

Washington D.C. Area

Location Restrictions:


Basic Qualifications and

You will play a key role in enhancing the cybersecurity posture by maintaining Qualys on a private service platform. You will lead the maintenance, and the deployment of updates of Qualys in a locally hosted environment and will support the configuration, scanning, and reporting of vulnerabilities. You will own the meetings with Qualys Support to troubleshoot issues and drive them to resolution. You'll also govern remediation with various asset owners, solve complex challenges, and offer recommendations. This person must be able to defend any challenges of the Qualys data and be responsible for all aspects of vulnerability management

  • Provides technical authority, vision, documentation of operational procedures and guidance to grow, manage, run and evolve our client’s Vulnerability Management Program
  • Performs regular control and vulnerability assessments to identify control weaknesses and assess the effectiveness of existing controls and recommends remedial action.
  • Creates and consolidates vulnerability status reporting from disparate sources, security incident and event data, unresolved network security exposures and misuse of information assets to produce weekly and monthly exception and management reports.

Required Skills and Experience
  • Bachelor's Degree
  • 2+ years of Qualys Vulnerability Management experience
  • 2+ years of Qualys Policy Compliance experience
  • Experience with Qualys AssetView, Cloud Agents, Indicators of Compromise
  • Experience in the administration configuration, scanning, reporting, authentication, user administration, and performance tuning using Qualys enterprise suite of tools
  • Managing compliance policies as needed to support organizational policy and reporting requirements
  • Experience with Qualys asset tags (static/dynamic) and asset groups for reporting
  • Experience in the implementation and administration of a Vulnerability Management program in a large-scale environment
  • Knowledge of the Linux operating system to perform software upgrades
  • Must be a driver, own responsibilities, and take initiative
  • Troubleshoot problems with Qualys Support and drive issues to resolution

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