Senior DevOps Engineer

We have an exciting opportunity and mission to work with a pre-public technology company in the medical field build their core DevOps capability.

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Our client’s mission is to empowering primary care physicians to make informed decisions, and engaging patients in meaningful ways. They work with thousands of clinicians and healthcare disruptors across the country, improving patient health while driving down the cost to deliver it.  

They are a mission-oriented organization, and we are thrilled about the work that we accomplish every day. They are transparent, collaborative, relentless in pursuit of our mission. With a confidence to lead but the humility to never stop learning. We believe that diverse backgrounds and experiences create the best opportunity for innovation. And they know that the community we are growing is greater than any one individual.  

They have built our technology using the best of cloud and open-source technologies to create an open, data-first platform that is enriched with analytical models and connected to the most modern internal and external apps. This platform provides the foundation for our digital front door through which we are creating a more accessible, personalized patient experience which includes telehealth, connected devices, and remote patient monitoring capabilities among many others. 

Their technology solutions are 100% cloud-native and designed with elasticity, automation, and with API-first principles. Security is at the core of our operating mentality and is native to our investment thesis when procuring technology and deploying solutions. 

Integral to our Infrastructure & DevOps organization, the Senior DevOps Engineer will drive a wide variety of projects to support and maintain the organization’s converged infrastructure &tooling in a multi-site environment.

  • Work as part of an Agile self-organizing team. 
  • Take part in roadmap planning, prioritization, and goal setting. 
  • Familiarize yourself with the various deployment schemas used by product teams across the organization. 
  • Deploy DevOps tooling and improving developer enablement. 

What will make you successful here?

  • A low ego and humility. 
  • Love for automation and strong analytical and data-driven approach to solve systemic problems.  
  • Effective communication including patience to listen and high degree of comfort with transparency. 
  • Ability to maintain calm and methodically driving resolution for high-impact production issues. 
  • Ability to deeply leverage Agile methods and practices to manage your work. 

Required Skills and Experience

·        Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, or related field. 

·        5+ years of multi-disciplinary experience supporting cloud hosted infrastructure (AWS, Azure). 

·        Programming languages (Python, PowerShell, Go, Typescript). 

·        5+ years of CICD and infrastructure-as-code experience (Terraform, SAM, Ansible, Kubernetes, GitHub Workflows, Drone CI). 

·        Monitoring and incident management tools such as DataDog, OpsGenie. 

·        Operating in local, remote, and containerized Linux environments. 

·        Source version control using Git and remote Githosting providers such as GitHub and BitBucket.  

·        Ability to effortlessly deploy frontend applications, APIs, and SaaS services on hard metal or containerized environments using infrastructure-as-code. 

·        Implementing security into the practice of DevOps. Intimate knowledge of AWS virtual private networks, security groups, IAM (Identity and Access Management). 

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