Senior Hunt Team Analyst

We are seeking a dynamic, experienced Sr. Hunt Team Analyst with strong operational and analytical experience in Threat Intel and Detection Engineering to join our talented and dedicated Cyber Security team.

Required Experience:


+ Years
Job Locations:


Location Restrictions:


Basic Qualifications and

This role organizes and leads proactive hunts to identify anomalous activity indicative of active compromise, previous compromise, misconfigurations, or other notable observations to support the protection of our customers’ environments. When not hunting, this role triages and investigates   alerts generated from multiple detection technologies & takes necessary action to identify, scope,and guide customers to a rapid and successful remediation.


As a senior member of our team, this role will spend up to 50% of itstime giving to others by:

  • Providing one-on-one mentoring to peers &junior analysts
  • Developing and administering formal and ad-hoc team training courses
  • Contributing to the security community through projects and presenting at conferences

While spending 50%or more heads down doing the mission:

  • Hands-on hunting, event triage & analysis across NSM sensors &managed endpoints
  • Consumption, analysis, and production of tactical threat intelligence
  • Development & maintenance of detection scripts,rules, signatures and related logic
  • Finding evil, and generally having fun kicking it out of places it shouldn’t be

Required Skills and Experience
  • 5-7+ years hands-on experience responding to cyber attacks
  • Superior knowledge of common attack methods and their detection techniques.
  • 2-5+ years experience doing Network Security Monitoring (NSM)
  • Strong knowledge of network traffic analysis, related tools,& the ability to analyze pcap fluently.
  • 2-5+ years experience doing Host-based live response & analysis
  • Experience deploying and using host based live response tools in multi-platform environments.
  • Understanding of malware analysis and ability to perform basic static and dynamic analysis.
  • 2-5+ years experience doing Event Log-based detection & analysis
  • Skilled with log analysis tools, creating parsers, correlation rules,and managing dashboards.
  • Sufficient scripting skills to pick up python, perl, or bash and automate analysis tasks if needed.
  • Ability to perform analysis quickly while balancing attention to detail and thoroughness.
  • Strong interpersonal & communication skills working with remote peers over IM, phone & video.
  • Ability to speak authoritatively and confidently while balancing respect & tact with customers.
  • Customer focused, building first-name relationships and protecting their networks as your own.
  • Experience providing managed NSM services to multiple customers is a plus.

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