Sr. Security Engineer, DevOps

We are looking for a Senior Security Engineer, DevOps. This position is a 6-month, fully-remote contract-direct position of Direct Hire. Please apply if interested.

Required Experience:


+ Years
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Basic Qualifications and

The security and compliance team is responsible for safeguarding information assets, managing technology compliance, and ensuring the trust and safety of customers and employees. As an early member of the team, this is a great opportunity to shape the security vision for the organization and drive security innovation throughout the engineering team. You will work with interesting and challenging technologies and processes, define and implement security safeguards, and act as a security SME for the engineering team. You will wear many hats, from advisor to doer, and everything in-between

  • Partner with the DevOps team to orchestrate/automate security controls in the Ethos infrastructure/platform
  • Lead the vulnerability management lifecycle at the infrastructure, platform, and application levels
  • Develop components of the security analytics platform; monitor and evaluate operational alerts
  • Participate in investigations, threat hunting, and incident response activities; build playbooks for specific incident response scenarios
  • Assist with compliance activities, such as SOC2 control implementation and testing, vendor risk assessments, etc.
  • Manage security solutions implemented in the enterprise
Required Skills and Experience
  • Strong communicator who can lead technical architecture discussions and help drive technical decisions
  • Intimate familiarity with AWS and commonly used AWS services –KMS, Container Registry, ELBs, Lambda, API Gateway, CloudTrail, IAM, etc. Knowledge of GCP and/or Azure is a plus
  • Ability to establish credibility and build trust with developers and operational staff; you are confident, without being arrogant
  • Hands-on experience with microservices and associated orchestration -e.g. K8s, Nomand, Istio, etc., and understanding the operational concerns and opportunities associated with these technologies
  • A non-dogmatic mindset
  • Excellent understanding of both human and non-human identity management and common enterprise and consumer authentication standards/use cases
  • Hands-on experience with CI/CD and DevOps tools -e.g., Terraform, Jenkins, GitHub, Chef, Ansible, etc.
  • Passionate about learning new things –while you’re not expected to know everything you will face, it is expected that you will learn new things when appropriate
  • Ability to write automation scripts, ideally in more than one language. Prior experience automating security processes in cloud environments
  • Excellent understanding cryptography and key management common use cases
  • Experience overseeing vulnerability/threat management activities at the infrastructure, platform, and application level. Prior oversight of a bug bounty platform or a managed penetration testing service is a significant plus
  • Experience with penetration tests/red team exercises, ideally the type that involve manual verification, exploitation, lateral movement, etc.
  • Ability to see the big picture, yet recognize the importance of details and make sure t’s are crossed and i's are dotted
  • Expertise with event management/SEM solutions, data modeling associated with building event detection and alerting capabilities. You love metrics, and have investigated at least several incidents & feel comfortable with typical threat hunting/incident response tools and processes
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