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Identify Security has been improving the IT security eco-system since before "cybersecurity" was a fashionable term. In 2005, we supplied niche IT software security talent. In 2015, one of our top Fortune 30 insurance clients sought our help finding a Resource Access Control Facility Consultant. This client previously went through other staffing firms with no luck, but our staff filled the need. We’ve been hooked on cybersecurity ever since.

As digital solutions evolve over time, companies and organizations face a tsunami of security vulnerabilities. From cloud data storage to Artificial Intelligence, cyber crime is increasing, costing billions of dollars in damages. Workplaces face a shortage of time and IT talent needed to protect their brands, and have had no choice but to leverage expensive system integrators benches. Identify Security strives to bridge this gap.

In 2015, we saw the crowed source security talent model and quickly combined our 14 years of existing security relationships into a hybrid talent delivery model. Since then, our team has orchestrated the blend of on-demand and traditional consultants into our client environments. We can provide the unicorn needed for a few hours to entire IAM teams. All delivery is agile and customized to match our client environments and unique business challenges.

Our staff is relentlessly building our IT security talent network. We partner with vetted on-demand consultants looking to earn extra money by performing technical screenings, helping clients write impactful job descriptions, manual penetration testing, and more. 

If your company’s IT security team is struggling to find the right talent to help your program thrive, it costs nothing to talk to us. See if our team can help in hitting your security or compliance objectives.

We are happy to sign a Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Most commonly served industries:  

· Information Technology
· Engineering
· Retail
· Insurance
· Manufacturing
· Life Sciences
· Energy
· Medical Devices
· Transportation & Logistics
· Healthcare
· Financial Technology

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Why Work With Identify Security?

Our veteran staff and exceptional agile practices drive our stellar reputation in the IT security staffing industry.

Our Network

Our database holds thousands of previously deployed consultants who completed successful projects through us with past clients.

Ummatched Vetting

Candidates are thoroughly interviewed and skills tested to ensure they’re an ideal match from a skills and workplace culture perspective for our clients.

Our History

We’ve been in business for decades and remain educated on the latest industry trends and challenges in order to best serve our clients.

Meet our team
Co-Founder and Vice President
Joel Abraham
I've been in the consulting business forever and love everything about it. I love helping people, building teams and finding a solution where everyone wins. Starting Identify Security has been a long time coming and wouldn't have happened without taking the road less traveled.
Security Senior Resource Manager
Alex Lang
I have always been involved with technology to some extent. I started out in Graphic Design and then moved to Web Design. Shortly after I started consulting through an IT Staffing Company. I ditched the design world and tried my hand at recruiting and loved it. After a couple years I switched gears to focus on security with Identify Security, to which I have found my new home.
Security Sales Director
Samantha Labee
As a former Criminal Justice major and having worked for the Federal Government, I’ve always been passionate about helping people, building relationships, and finding a solution to a particularly tricky problem. I partially ditched the Criminal Justice world and took a stab at consulting, seeing people through a different lens and learning what’s relevant to them. I’ve found a new family with Identify Security, and all of our clients, and I couldn’t be happier to listen to their needs!
David Toy
Ty Sbano
Kevin Baker
Joseph Krull
Cindi Carter
Chief Security Officer at MedeAnalytics
Mike Donovan
Director of Information Security Technology
Brian Bobo
VP of Enterprise Security