About Us

Our DNA is our people. Our expertise curates your unique security solutions.  Your return on investment is immediate.

Identify Security has built its brand on core tenants that uplift and mature enterprise wide cybersecurity postures.

Since 2005 our team has been servicing all layers of security.  We thrive and deliver solutions in complex enterprise, IAM, Data Security, Cloud, OT, product security, and secure software environments. Our delivery methodology inherently leaves behind more mature systems, less technical debt, and an elevated security posture for you and your organization.  

We deliver top cybersecurity solutions, focused on aligning current detection techniques with engineering-minded talent who are dedicated to preventing future attacks and maintain a steady state of security. We allow our clients continued abilities to operationally and tactically function so that business goals are realized, despite the evil they may face.

Our talent is exceptional, and organizations passionate about enterprise cybersecurity protection and managing risk, realize immediate return on their partnership with Identify Security, Inc.  Your goals are our goals.  Your protection is our passion.  The overall safety of your enterprise, your people, and your bottom line is paramount.

We Wholly Believe In:

·   Understanding you, your team composition, and
   your business
·   Being transparent
·   Accelerating change management
·   Empowering our clients to defend themselves
·   Being prepared

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Why Work With Identify Security?

Our veteran staff and exceptional agile practices drive our stellar reputation in the IT security staffing industry.

Our Network

Our database holds thousands of previously deployed consultants who completed successful projects through us with past clients.

Ummatched Vetting

Candidates are thoroughly interviewed and skills tested to ensure they’re an ideal match from a skills and workplace culture perspective for our clients.

Our History

We’ve been in business for decades and remain educated on the latest industry trends and challenges in order to best serve our clients.