Covid-19 Updates

We're working diligently to source the most up-to-date Covid-19 information so you can understand exactly how the pandemic is effecting the market.

As the situation develops, so will the information we share. Stay tuned for more coverage information from Identify Security and other sources.

A Message From our Co-Founder

During this time of crisis there’s no greater concern to Identify Security than the health and safety of our customers,employees and consultants.  We recognize that as this situation develops, new challenges will present themselves to our customers such as travel bans, declining market valuations, budgetary pressures,workforce under health threat, and other unforeseen developments.

We also know that regardless of the difficulties business must go on and security is more crucial than ever. For these reasons and more, Identify Security will be taking the following steps:

The need for remote workers will rise, a decentralized workforce means a much larger threat footprint.
We’re working with our subject matter experts to identify the most vital roles in your organization and develop rapid response teams that are ready to deploy at a moment’s notice.

As the situation changes, so will we.
We are already looking ahead to the long-term effects the pandemic will have on your organization. We’re identifying key areas like change management that we believe will highly impact your business in the coming months and building deployment plans around them.

Our mantra has always been ‘to be your premier partner in the IT Security ecosystem.’ As your partner, our goal is to provide more than outstanding cybersecurity talent, it’s to be an advisor in times of uncertainty, a resource in moments of change, and reliable when you need it most.

Thank you and stay safe!

Joel Abraham

Co-Founder & Vice President

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