Access Management

Years of Experience: 


Years of Experience: 

Access Management

Years of Experience: 

Additional Skills

  • ForgeRock (OpenDJ, OpenAM)
  • Active Directory
  • LDAP
  • Oracle (OIM, OAM)
  • CA (IDM),
  • Novell (eDirectory)
  • RSA

Position Summary

  • IAM Architect
  • IAM Lead Engineer
  • IAM Strategist

Skill Set

Recent Employment Timeline

  • Financial Company
    Lead IAM Specialist
    April 2015 - Present
  • Energy Company
    IAM Architect and Implementation Engineer
    March 2010 - March 2015

  • Telecommunication Company
    IAM Architect
    March 2009 - March 2010



Years of Experience: 

Related Info

Consultant Bio

Information Technology and Security professionalwith over 16 years in IT and over 7 years in architecting and deployingIdentity Management, LDAP Directories, Single/Reduced Sign-On (SSO),Provisioning and Provisioning/Identity Workflows, Access Management, RBAC(Role-Based Access Control), Compliance and Auditing Technologies, FederatedIdentity/Federation, Enterprise System Architecture, Security InfrastructureDesign, Authentication and Authorization technologies, as well as custom-builtsecurity and technology frameworks.